So what is an “interactive web show,” anyway?

A lot of people have been asking us this question lately! And it’s understandable, considering that this type of mass-participation storytelling has only been launched a couple of times. How does the audience participate? What does a typical video look like? And what makes the story truly “interactive?”

Because our site is still under construction, I can’t send you there quite yet to get a taste of how it works. But the good news is, you can check out the original mass-participation web show that we’re basing ours off: BeckinfieldThis paranormal drama about a small town with big secrets—some of which involve spooky happenings—began as a storytelling platform “by actors for actors.” Eventually it took the internet by storm as players from all walks of life jumped on board. With almost 4,000 actors, Beckinfield ran for two and a half years before terminating so that the Theatrics team could help other people (like us!) launch a show. 

So have fun cruising around Beckinfield. Through our show will have different concept art, look, and user experience design, the core interaction will be similar to Beckinfield’s—with many (if not most) players using short videos to develop their character. Oh yeah, and our show will take place in an alternative steampunk-fantasy universe. So what does THAT mean for the players?

Well, as the Beckinfield team would say, “You tell us!”

Screen shot 2013-06-09 at 1.10.09 AM

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