Building a 12-Week Interactive Story Arc

A Theatrics interactive show is built on an eight- or twelve-week story arc. While the arc follows traditional story structure in many respects, there is one main difference: the protagonist is a “we” instead of a “he” or “she!” (I didn’t make that one up, either. Check out this great post from the Bob Gebert, creator of Theatrics’ original hit show Beckinfield.)

Telling this kind of story is a new challenge for me (Lisa). I’ve spent quite a few hours with Post-It notes in front of a wall, arranging and rearranging plot points for a cast of “main characters” the story revolves around. But the even greater challenge is turning each plot and subplot into a series of calls to action —or participation invitations—that the show’s crowdsourced cast will use as the foundation for their own individual stories.

photo (24)

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