Late Night Musing: Is Transmedia Marketing?

An interesting article appeared recently at This Is Transmedia, discussing whether or not transmedia is simply a form of marketing. It’s rather short and sweet, but the author does make an excellent point on how marketing executives seem to throw the label around, often using it to refer simply to having an active Facebook page.

Here in Aurelia, we continue to we progress forward with the show and with Theatrics, our host platform. Together we continue to pioneer new forms of transmedia in which the audience truly controls what happens with the story, inside the medium of a web series.

All in all, it’s a fascinating prospect to ponder as we see the idea of a medium’s audience participation growing from a farfetched idea to reality before our very eyes. Perhaps we will see the expansion of audience participation over the next few years to include in a wider range of television shows and films. And to think, our little show has a chance to contribute to that conversation! We’re excited tonight.

Now, back to work on Aurelia . . .

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