Life of the Party: Text Role Play in Aurelia — Part 2

Two weekends ago, the Aurelians hosted an epic text role play about a fancy Upper Strata party that went badly awry at the end. New plot lines emerged, ongoing plot lines got a new twist, and general fun and drama were had along the way.

Here are a few things I learned about storytelling from this exercise:

Insight #1: Intrigue drives drama.

Everyone is Machiavelli at heart, I guess. At least, thatʼs what I noticed at the party. It wasnʼt about what was being said, but what was being unsaid. Who was (or wasnʼt) talking to whom. What actions may really mean, and what they do not. Even though we enjoyed some great action scenes at the end of the party, and action sure is fun to do, the real “juiciness” of the party were the human guessing games.

Thatʼs actually something Iʼm going play up more deliberately in my writing going forward. Iʼve always enjoyed the political intrigues, but physical action is much safer for me to execute as a writer. Because of my experiences in Aurelia, Iʼve gained a new appreciation for intrigue, and how it drives drama.

I canʼt wait to put that knowledge into practice.


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