Life of the Party: Text Role Play in Aurelia — Part 3

Two weekends ago, the Aurelians hosted an epic text role play about a fancy Upper Strata party that went badly awry at the end. New plot lines emerged, ongoing plot lines got a new twist, and general fun and drama were had along the way.

In this continuing series, hereʼs another thing I learned about storytelling through the real-time text role play experience:

Insight #2: “Mistakes” can lead to great storytelling moments.

Iʼve said before that, if nothing else, a collaborative role play experience like Aurelia will teach you to be a flexible storyteller, shift your plot lines quickly, and learn to cleverly accommodate any “plot accidents” along the way. This was illustrated brilliantly at the party, very early on.

One of the other actors asked me (via instant message) to be sure I addressed his character in my storyline. The first time he began typing a character, I immediately assumed it was that character that he had referred to–and my character immediately interacted with her. Only it turned out . . . that I was mistaken, and he had actually meant me to interact with another character.

But the accident turned out happily, because the other actor immediately picked up on what I had said and worked it into his storyline on the spot. The result was a hilarious new twist on his character that brought a lot of comedy and color to the party.

Plot clashes and mistakes can always end well . . . if youʼre flexible!


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