Reflections at the End of the Journey

Kelly_CookPart One of Three, With Aurelia Intern Kelly Cook 

As Aurelia: Edge of Darkness reaches the final curtain, I sit back and reflect on the road traveled with all its twists, turns and bumps and I am greeted with a mix of feelings on its impending end. Even though it has been only a mere fifteen weeks, I feel like perhaps I have been there all along on the harrowing journey to find a possible answer to the energy crisis.

I feel like I have made friends with some of the characters, mourned the loss felt by some and hated others (characters). It baffles me because while I was committed to the show wholeheartedly, as a show runner I had no real vested interest what the outcome could be, yet I am faced with this wash of feelings for these imaginary people. And this was only the beginning of the unexpected events that had transpired in Aurelia.

In the beginning, I had created the character Flavius Dark to be a sort of antagonist for the web show, and it seemed that was likely his place in Aurelia. For the first few days, it seemed likely that he would be this sort of anti-hero who fought against the system, while the rest of the characters those few early days seemed to be your usual suspects of “good guys” in a fantasy setting.

Interestingly enough, as time progressed it seemed as if we started having more antagonists than good and so, unexpectedly I had to think fast and change the character angle from anti-hero to more of a utility character. I had a vacation kind of in the middle of the show run and while away it seemed it took an unexpected turn.

At first, I was rather panicked, after all the stable show I so nurtured was suddenly shaken up by extreme chaos. Truth be told, it took me off guard and at first I had felt slighted that someone would disrupt the flow. It was then that I realized, the show wasn’t about me or even Lisa (our show creator) but rather the chaotic dynamics that are what make for an interesting show.

These sudden glimpses into the void of Chaos were moments of fresh air and I grew to savor these moments to turn the city on its head. It made for an exciting and dynamic story. Soon after, while still on vacation, the show took another unscheduled twist except from darkness it went to a lighter, more silly mood with the introduction of a couple alter egos of regular “actors.”  Upon returning I have come to realize that when working with highly creative people, expect the unexpected and it has remained my mantra ever since.


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