Catch Up

Stay up to date with the latest in Aurelia through our weekly actor highlight reels.

Public Show Week 2

This week’s intrigues included a Temple disturbance, the deaths of a noble family, and continuing investigation into a boiler explosion–not to mention the birth of some new businesses, artistic endeavors and clandestine collaborations!

Public Show Week 1

As more new citizens joined, the walls of the city shook with a lower-strata boiler explosion that affected even the nobles at the top of the city. A cult leader further terrified the populace, while other individual intrigues continued.

Beta Week 2

New citizens joined Aurelia, while those with more experience bargain-hunted at Prince Bayard’s auction, forming both alliances and rivalries.

Beta Week 1

The first adventurous citizens of Aurelia tested Lord Pennywalter’s secret project with the newfangled “camera obscurata.”

Show Trailer

Calling all imaginative actors! Your passport to Aurelia awaits you right here . . . if, of course, you’re truly brave enough for what awaits you there.


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