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Beta Week 2 Highlight Reel

Our intrepid actors have been busy building their stories, one post at a time. Take a peek behind the scenes—and get a taste of the alliances and rivalries, scandals and secrets already emerging inside AURELIA. This Wednesday, July 17th, you’ll finally be able to browse the show site yourself!




Character Corner – Costuming

Hey folks! Check out this quick tip from Kelly on some costuming ideas for your videos. It’s easier than you think!

Beta Week 1 Performance Highlights

It’s that time! Time to show off our citizens—the crazy, the clever, and the creepy—who’ve already made Aurelia home. Meet them in this brief highlight reel, then take the plunge by joining them! Email for your private invitation to participate in our beta episodes.


AURELIA has launched! Be one of our pioneering actors.

A fantasy tale, told by an unlimited crowdsourced cast, with an uncertain ending? That’s exactly what we’ve launched in Aurelia: Edge of Darkness. Now, it’s up to some pioneering actors to give this groundbreaking show a try! Watch the intro video here, then get your link to the private show site by emailing Lisa England at

New background sketches by Julie Roth


After preparing some preliminary sketches for our upcoming launch, Julie Roth has taken to the streets of Aurelia for her next background projects. Check out these rough sketches and learn more about Julie at her website.
Aurelia gritty street 2| Aurelia gritty street 1


Every Story Needs Its Heroes — Ours Needs You

Only four days until Aurelia’s beta episodes launch! The beta show will be private—so email for your invitation link.


If this is a fantasy show, then do I need a costume?

Many actors have asked this question. Fortunately, the answer is not as daunting as it sounds.

As an actor, you will only be seen from the chest up. All you really need to “decorate” are your shoulders, neck, and possibly your hair.

Of course, if you already have a costume for fantasy/steampunk LARP or cosplay, we hope you’ll show it off! But if you don’t, then look no further than your own closet. Vests, tunics, cloaks, watches, jewelry, hats and scarves are just a few of the many interesting items you may already have.

Check out these examples from the everyday wardrobes of character coach Kelly and showrunner Lisa:

A simple shawl (or piece of cloth) is very versatile.

A simple shawl (or piece of cloth) is very versatile.

Got an old cap or an accessory like a pipe?

Got an old cap or an accessory like a pipe?

This frilly jacket would be great for a fashionable lady.

This frilly jacket would suit a wealthier character.

Try a newsboy cap for that Steampunk look, or find an old scarf.

An old newsboy cap and a scarf would work well.