AURELIA Week 4 Highlights!

It’s that time again. Time for a quick peek at what the Aurelians are up to! From damsels in distress to misunderstandings to devious and dangerous alliances — we’ve got it all.

Story Momentum In Aurelia: Who’s Pushing Whom?

TempleTragedy_AurelianGazetteToday, as Aurelia’s showrunner, I encountered yet another plot twist in this adventure of interactive storytelling.

The actors didn’t need me.

Don’t get me wrong: I have plenty to do to keep the show together. But right now, actors’ individual and collaboratively-conspired plots have taken center stage. The action is moving on its own. So much so, that I’ve purposely held off the next meta-story plot point, while actors continue to respond to what they developed themselves last week.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet . . . I’m not sad about this!

So how is it that actors work together to build momentum? Largely, it’s by nurturing “stories-within-the-story” that they initiate as their characters rub shoulders in the world of Aurelia. These interactions can take many forms:

1. Direct requests

Whether or not they’ve agreed ahead of time, Aurelians often make direct requests to one another in their videos. This is one of the easiest ways for a new actor to engage other actors and get plugged in. By targeting another character and asking them to join a cause or offer help, actors spark new mini-stories and run with them—with plenty of clever results.

2. Insults or challenges

Nothing sparks drama like a little old-fashioned rivalry. Of course, to maintain the fun, actors must be able to clearly separate character-to-character animosity from real-life disagreement. Often before posting an inter-character assault, the initiating actor will contact the recipient backstage to let them know the affront is of course entirely IC (in character).

3. Events

Some actors have begun experimenting with holding IC events. Currently, our playwright “Josus Thimblewick” is preparing to open his new play The Calamitous Siren, an entirely in-world enterprise. Another character, nobleman “Gervain Khorvanus,” posted an invitation to a social at his estate. The actor playing Gervain wants to experiment with holding this social as a mass roleplay via Google Hangout, a recording of which would be uploaded to the Theatrics site.

Story momentum in Aurelia has been gathering steam (pun intended!) quite nicely on its own. With all these deals, insults, and invitations flying around . . . the only question this showrunner now has is: “How do I keep it all straight in my head?”

Oh — and by the way, there’s PLENTY of room for YOU to come join the fun!

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New Aurelia Artwork Takes Shape

Today, I happily returned to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design to provide feedback on illustrations-in-progress for upcoming episodes of AURELIA. John Matson and his fantastic pre-college students shared their wide-ranging work and a fresh new vision for Aurelia that will delight our actors and audience in weeks to come.

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Beta Week 2 Highlight Reel

Our intrepid actors have been busy building their stories, one post at a time. Take a peek behind the scenes—and get a taste of the alliances and rivalries, scandals and secrets already emerging inside AURELIA. This Wednesday, July 17th, you’ll finally be able to browse the show site yourself!


Beta Week 1 Performance Highlights

It’s that time! Time to show off our citizens—the crazy, the clever, and the creepy—who’ve already made Aurelia home. Meet them in this brief highlight reel, then take the plunge by joining them! Email for your private invitation to participate in our beta episodes.


AURELIA has launched! Be one of our pioneering actors.

A fantasy tale, told by an unlimited crowdsourced cast, with an uncertain ending? That’s exactly what we’ve launched in Aurelia: Edge of Darkness. Now, it’s up to some pioneering actors to give this groundbreaking show a try! Watch the intro video here, then get your link to the private show site by emailing Lisa England at

What will AURELIA’s actor pages look like?

Actors have begun asking what their personal pages will look like. While our site is still under construction, we can share a page from our predecessor Welcome to Sanditon, based on the popular web show Lizzie Bennet’s Diaries as a helpful example.

Sanditon’s portal uses the town’s signature color, blue, with a simple background. The featured player’s latest video occupies the large window, with other actors’ videos visible below for browsing. On such pages, actors also can post blog entriesphotos, and social media, and they can respond to each others’ videos and “cheer” great performances. (Learn more about Sanditon’s splash in the media world.)

There are differences, however, between this show and Aurelia’s approach. For one thing, Sanditon is set in modern California. By contrast, Aurelia: Edge of Darkness takes place in a world faraway—using concept art, video, and sound to bring this new reality to life. A simple example is the look of the site: the blue site “skin” of Sanditon (below) will be replaced by a landscape view of Aurelia City.

Each show is different! We’re excited to experiment with new techniques—and we’d love to have you join us as a beta actor. No experience necessary. Just three simple steps to launch your very own character and determine how Aurelia’s story unfolds. Read more about the process here and contact us at to snag one of the beta show’s limited slots.

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Week 3 Update: Show Beta Launch Nears

Last week was a flurry of preparation at Aurelia: Edge of Darkness. Lisa gives the weekly update and shares info on the upcoming beta launch . . . and how you (or a would-be actor you know) can participate in telling the story.

Aurelia: Edge of Darkness Update #2

A quick update on the show, where I (Lisa) talk show names, our growing roster of staff and artists, and what’s next for this project!