Press and Guest Posts That Featured the Current Iteration of Aurelia: Edge of Darkness:

Lisa Is a Steam-Punker with Spunk
The Shepherd Express
30 August 2013

Five Transmedia Projects – Autumn 2013
Simon Staffans // Developing Media
29 August 2013

Interview with Lisa England / Aurelia (Part One)
(Part Two)
(Part Three)
Airship Ambassador
25 August 2013

A New Way of Storytelling (Part One)
(Part Two)
The Punkettes
16 August 2013

Steampunk tale ‘Aurelia’ an Experiment in Audience Participation
Huffington Post
7 August 2013

Steampunk Tale ‘Aurelia’ Takes Audience to the Edge of Engagement
6 August 2013

Aurelia: Video-Based LARP Tests the Waters
18 July 2013

Join in the SteamPunk interactive adventure AURELIA
Transmedia Coaltion
18 July 2013

Press and Guest Posts That Featured the Aurelia: Edge of Darkness Beta Show:

AURELIA: Edge of Darkness
Fuck Yeah LARP
11 July 2013

Transmedia Mogul Lisa Walker England, Parts 1-3
The Comic Muse Podcast
9 July 2013

The Perfect Fear: How I Beat My Inner Perfectionist
Creative Writing with the Crimson League
5 July 2013

Invitation to Banish the Darkness–No Experience Necessary
Cricket Toes
2 July 2013

Confessions of a Lone Writer: A Journey Into Collaborative Creativity
Mythic Scribes
29 June 2013

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