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Meet Octavia

You open the door and take a seat near the bar. Smoke fills the air. A group of seedy-looking individuals sits in the corner, whispering amongst themselves in the confines of the shadows. Those must be the people you’re looking for, but that can wait. It’s been a long day, and you could use a bite to eat and maybe a drink first. A woman approaches you from behind the bar. “Welcome to Octavia’s,” she says. “What can I get you?”

We’ve got some artwork to unveil today, showing off our new character Octavia. This piece comes courtesy of artist Ignacio Narbona.



Week 3 Update: Show Beta Launch Nears

Last week was a flurry of preparation at Aurelia: Edge of Darkness. Lisa gives the weekly update and shares info on the upcoming beta launch . . . and how you (or a would-be actor you know) can participate in telling the story.

A first peek at the City of Aurelia

Artist Cassandra Genc is working on mock-ups of the city in its Wasteland environs. Here’s an early concept sketch, showing one side of the city looking out over the darkness. What do you think?skinoption2