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AURELIA Week 5 Highlights

Here’s the latest of what’s been going on in Aurelia. We’re not even halfway through and already it seems people are at each other’s throats. Perhaps most importantly, Horatio Moncrethe may have discovered a new source of power for Aurelia. But is it too good to be true?


AURELIA Week 4 Highlights!

It’s that time again. Time for a quick peek at what the Aurelians are up to! From damsels in distress to misunderstandings to devious and dangerous alliances — we’ve got it all.


Week 3 Highlight Reel

Hot off the press this time, we’ve got another highlight reel for you. To call this week anything but exciting would be foolish. Kidnapping! Fighting! Intrigue! Jailbreak! What more could you ask for?


Week 2 Highlight Reel

This has been up for a little while now, but if you missed it we’ve got the latest highlight reel of what went on during Week 2 of Aurelia. Feeling a little behind after missing a week? Here’s a great way of catching up. New businesses, explosions, and death, oh my!


Week 1 Highlight Reel

The first official week of the show went by fast. Between a boiler explosion, cryptic riddles, and unlikely collaborations, the citizens of Aurelia sure have been busy! Catch up on anything you missed with these quick performance highlights. Did you make the cut?

Beta Week 2 Highlight Reel

Our intrepid actors have been busy building their stories, one post at a time. Take a peek behind the scenes—and get a taste of the alliances and rivalries, scandals and secrets already emerging inside AURELIA. This Wednesday, July 17th, you’ll finally be able to browse the show site yourself!