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Actors Take Stories to Next Level

Who says AURELIA is all work and no play? Our creative actors have taken things to the next level with custom sets, costumes and props. Everyone’s approach is different—but we thought you’d enjoy this peek behind the scenes. Haven’t joined us in AURELIA yet? Email for your personal invite.


Kelly shows off his Flavius costume, pieced together from various sources.


Heather sports a jaunty hat for her character, Phaedra.


Michael shared this photo of his home “set” for his character Marius.


Lisa hunted down this bird figurine, some paint, gears and other goodies to create a mechanical bird prop.

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Every Story Needs Its Heroes — Ours Needs You

Only four days until Aurelia’s beta episodes launch! The beta show will be private—so email for your invitation link.


If this is a fantasy show, then do I need a costume?

Many actors have asked this question. Fortunately, the answer is not as daunting as it sounds.

As an actor, you will only be seen from the chest up. All you really need to “decorate” are your shoulders, neck, and possibly your hair.

Of course, if you already have a costume for fantasy/steampunk LARP or cosplay, we hope you’ll show it off! But if you don’t, then look no further than your own closet. Vests, tunics, cloaks, watches, jewelry, hats and scarves are just a few of the many interesting items you may already have.

Check out these examples from the everyday wardrobes of character coach Kelly and showrunner Lisa:

A simple shawl (or piece of cloth) is very versatile.

A simple shawl (or piece of cloth) is very versatile.

Got an old cap or an accessory like a pipe?

Got an old cap or an accessory like a pipe?

This frilly jacket would be great for a fashionable lady.

This frilly jacket would suit a wealthier character.

Try a newsboy cap for that Steampunk look, or find an old scarf.

An old newsboy cap and a scarf would work well.


AURELIA’s world nears completion

Getting close to our beta launch on Friday, June 28th! In the mean time, here’s an updated preview of a very small portion of artist Cassandra Genc‘s  almost-finished city landscape. You may recall this early sketch we posted several weeks ago. Can’t wait to show off the finished piece.

This image will be used for the show site “skin” and various video content throughout the show. Don’t forget to email us at for your exclusive invitation to view the beta site and be one of the first actors help tell Aurelia’s story! No experience necessary. No auditions.


Going deep into Aurelia with Julie Roth

Another sneak peek at Julie Roth‘s latest background project — just a small portion of a larger image. (But promise you won’t tell anyone what you’ve seen here, okay? Scientific experiments are top-secret in Aurelia. Even the smallest discovery can be worth a fortune, so you wouldn’t want anyone else stealing it!)

In addition to setting the scene, backgrounds like this one will be available for download so that players can use them in their videos, if desired.

Aurelia science lab final_TEASER

Week 3 Update: Show Beta Launch Nears

Last week was a flurry of preparation at Aurelia: Edge of Darkness. Lisa gives the weekly update and shares info on the upcoming beta launch . . . and how you (or a would-be actor you know) can participate in telling the story.

Meet the Cast

Artist Ignacio Narbona is hard at work on character designs. Here’s a rough sketch introduction to two of six main characters who will soon be rendered in full color.