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Aurelia Featured on Airship Ambassador

What an honor for AURELIA to be featured in a three-part series on popular Steampunk blog Airship Ambassador. Today’s inaugural installment features an interview between the Ambassador himself, Kevin Steil, and Lisa England, our creator and showrunner. Enjoy today’s installment and look forward to two more. And while you’re at it, check out the many other fantastic resources the Ambassador has to offer!

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Featured on Turnstyle

Featured on Turnstyle

Yesterday we were featured on the site Turnstyle, and we couldn’t be prouder. The article covers how exactly Aurelia works, along with featuring comments from Lisa. So the next time your friends say, “What exactly is Aurelia: Edge of Darkness/Theatrics/an interactive web series?” this can help back you up. Go ahead and click the image to see for yourself.


Interview with Daily Steampunk

This past week, the Daily Steampunk blog reached out to us for an interview about Aurelia. We happily obliged and discussed steampunk’s influence on Aurelia, among other things. It includes contributions from Lisa, Kelly, and the Marketing Director for Theatrics, Nick DeMartino. Read the interview yourself by clicking the image:

Interview with Daily Steampunk

Meet Octavia

You open the door and take a seat near the bar. Smoke fills the air. A group of seedy-looking individuals sits in the corner, whispering amongst themselves in the confines of the shadows. Those must be the people you’re looking for, but that can wait. It’s been a long day, and you could use a bite to eat and maybe a drink first. A woman approaches you from behind the bar. “Welcome to Octavia’s,” she says. “What can I get you?”

We’ve got some artwork to unveil today, showing off our new character Octavia. This piece comes courtesy of artist Ignacio Narbona.


Lisa on The Comic Muse Podcast


It appears we have a mogul in our midst! Our showrunner Lisa was a guest recently on Daniel McInerny’s The Comic Muse Podcast and discussed what it’s actually like to run several transmedia projects. Spoilers: it’s a busy life! You can hear part one of the interview by heading on over to the Comic Muse website.


Meet Kelly Cook

Kelly Cook, a long-time live action role player and open-air actor, will be sharing tips throughout the summer as our neighborhood actor coach. In anticipation of tomorrow’s launch, get to know Kelly in this brief video: