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Every Story Needs Its Heroes — Ours Needs You

Only four days until Aurelia’s beta episodes launch! The beta show will be private—so email for your invitation link.




AURELIA’s world nears completion

Getting close to our beta launch on Friday, June 28th! In the mean time, here’s an updated preview of a very small portion of artist Cassandra Genc‘s  almost-finished city landscape. You may recall this early sketch we posted several weeks ago. Can’t wait to show off the finished piece.

This image will be used for the show site “skin” and various video content throughout the show. Don’t forget to email us at for your exclusive invitation to view the beta site and be one of the first actors help tell Aurelia’s story! No experience necessary. No auditions.


Week 3 Update: Show Beta Launch Nears

Last week was a flurry of preparation at Aurelia: Edge of Darkness. Lisa gives the weekly update and shares info on the upcoming beta launch . . . and how you (or a would-be actor you know) can participate in telling the story.

Check out our makeshift interrogation room!

This week we shot our first interview videos for Aurelia: Edge of Darkness. While we have a few kinks to iron out (figuratively and literally!), we learned a lot and captured some great content. Here’s a peek behind the scenes of our fantastic, mid-process mess as character coach Kelly Cook shares tips for a great acting experience. Photo by Peter Henckel.


Meet Artist Julie Roth

Julie Roth is one of the artists working on the show. Here’s how Julie describes her work:

“I am an Illustration Major and recent graduate from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, 2013. I possess a wide variety of artistic disciplines that include traditional 2D media, graphic design, model building and digital rendering. My passion lies in landscapes and conceptual worlds, often mixed with architecture and the human form. I am an avid hiker and backpacker.  I find much of my inspiration and ideas by exploring the unbeaten paths buried within our beautiful National Parks.

“I like to create my work traditionally, using primarily pen and india ink. Digital rework is used to construct complex compositions and enhance the final product.  Clients should buy my services if they are searching for an energetic, playfully dark, and complex visual solution to conceptual subjects.  Bold colors and a graphic line quality also describe my aesthetic.  Though I prefer traditional media, I am efficient within the Adobe Creative Suite.”

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Mapping Our Way to the Future

Milwaukee artist Allison Westbrook is hard at work on a beautiful map of Aurelia. But until then, here’s a peek at the sketch I (Lisa) recently did to give Allison a sense of some of the major landmarks he’ll need to cover inside the city. This is how everything creative starts: with a sketch, an idea, a messy collection of “maybes” that turn into something beautiful. Thankfully, we have Allison’s talent on hand, to turn this chicken scratch “maybe” into a “something” work of art.