Lisa England – Creator/Writer/Showrunner/Producer

“I’m a storyteller, visual artist, marketer and all-around geek from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I tried being a lot of things, until I figured out that I was meant to tell stories, so I got busy telling them. In October 2012, I released the first of a 48-episode dark fantasy serial called Rise of the Tiger. For some reason, an adventurous group of artists decided to join me. When I’m not whipping up more hybrids of steampunk and fantasy, I’m launching a comic book company called City Beast Studio, teaching writing, and biking to a coffee shop . . . to write about writing at my blog JourneyCraft.


Melanie Killingsworth - Headshot

Melanie Killingsworth – Associate Producer/Editor

“I’m a writer and filmmaker who just moved from Madison, WI to Portland, OR. I work as a writer, producer, director, and editor for film and television. Projects in various stages of completion include Hulu’s original series Battleground, the feature documentary Street Pulse, VH1′s reality show Off Pitch, and my own noir film The Lilith Necklace. I write about film and television at mehlsbells.” Connect with me on LinkedIn.




Kelly Cook – Public Relations Intern & Actor Coach

“I’m in school for Global Studies with a minor in Religious Studies. I graduate next semester. I’ve been in character development for nearly 20 years with experience in the Renaissance Fair and local larps. Currently working on my first novel Chronicles of Swansea. I spend a lot of time traveling to and from Morocco.”




Peter_HenckelPeter Henckel – Video & Social Media Intern

“I grew up in Hartland, Wisconsin, about 45 minutes west of Milwaukee, but I went to school at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. I recently graduated, earning a degree in Studies in Cinema & Media Culture (big title, little money). I’ve worked in the music industry for about five years, everything from interning for a London record label to booking bands for a Minneapolis venue. Now I’m pursuing my dream of working in film. Expect plenty of videos from yours truly!” Connect with me on LinkedIn.




Julie Roth – Artist

“I am an Illustration Major and 2013 graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. I possess a variety of artistic disciplines including traditional 2D media, graphic design, model building and digital rendering. My passion lies in landscapes and conceptual worlds, often mixing architecture and the human form. I am an avid hiker and backpacker.  I find much of my inspiration and ideas by exploring the unbeaten paths of our National Parks. I like to create my work traditionally, using pen and india ink. Digital rework is used for complex compositions and final enhancements. ” Visit my portfolio.




Allison Westbrook – Artist

“I am a Milwaukee-based illustrator that specializes in sci-fi/fantasy imagery. My biggest influences have been the work of Jean Henri Gaston Giraud (Moebius), Hans Rudolf “Ruedi” Giger, Katsuhiro Otomo, and Hayao Miyazaki. I love Japanese and French cuisine best and enjoy high falootin’ conversations about things I can barely grasp like quantum physics.” Visit my portfolio.




Ignacio Narbona – Artist

“I am a Milwaukee-based illustrator specializing in character design. Currently I attend Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and first met Lisa in a class there, where I created illustrations for the original Rise of the Tiger serial.” Visit my portfolio.





Bathilda Hsu – Graphic Designer

“I am a Milwaukee-based marketing professional and graphic designer. Currently I study at the Art Institute of Wisconsin, freelance at Flipeleven Creative, and take advantage of numerous other opportunities to leverage my skills for other businesses and agencies. In addition, I designed assets for the original Rise of the Tiger serial.”  Connect with me on LinkedIn.




_HalvorsenChad Halvorsen – Editor & Animator

“I am a Milwaukee-based filmmaker, editor and animator. I oversee the post-production team at Flipeleven Creative in Milwaukee and move cinematic mountains at Firmament Films in Madison.” Connect with me on LinkedIn.





Kyle Buckley – Editing Consultant & Audio Designer

“I’m a Milwaukee-based filmmaker, and partner/creative director for video at Flipeleven Creative. After a stint working production 24/7 in Los Angeles, I returned to Milwaukee shoot a feature film, Jake’s How-To, and pioneer a closer convergence between web and video with my business partner, design guru Justin Schnor. When I’m not making media awesome, I play semi-pro volleyball.” Connect with me on LinkedIn.


UntitledJon Kline – Audio Consultant

“I’m a video producer and director of photography.  I love making moving images and telling stories.  I also founded MKE Production Rental, renting cameras, lights, and lenses to professionals and weekend filmmakers.” Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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